Remembering Today!

Blogs and stuff. I spent half of my day yesterday thinking what to write or searching my passionate subjects,so I can write about them but all in vain. I just ended up watching a movie called ‘Remembering Sunday’ and well welling up some tears.

The next morning, while reading some inspirational stuff on Instagram, I recollected my favourite sentence from yesterday’s movie “Is it possible to fall in love with the same person everyday?” and that got me thinking. Is it possible to fall in love with my life everyday? And not just fall but rise all along the way? Why not go to that music festival you were blabbling about? Why not meet that friend who keeps telling you to meet? Why not believe in you and work for dreams? Why not do something with so much love that you would never forget that today? It’s a path made of slow and steady steps and often you have to look around to see the beauty your ongoing journey unfolds. Struggles are there to make survive for the worst,come what may. And your journey won’t be the same as the person sitting next to you. All you have at it’s best is time, which is so utterly perfect that it ticks pretty fast. And well, I am not utterly perfect so I just might follow what I said 🙂

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