I am always the person who wants to do more than I can manage. Duhh! But this time I actually made out a list before I turn 22. Just small achievable things.

  1. Figure out a way to make those new year resolutions work: It’s about time you do that and it actually saves you from making a list for next year.
  2. Learn to cook: No, no more noodles.
  3. You won’t get a job right after you graduate or maybe you won’t get the desired job: Still, don’t stop working towards what you want.
  4. Taste wines: Sula Fest this year maybe or dinner with besties?Whatever it is, don’t forget to try it out.
  5. Let’s gossip?: Catching up with besties or maybe go for a trip together.
  6. Here I come Ms Dhingra: Try those ohh so hyped macaroons.
  7. Stretch yourself a little: Get into a habit of exercising.Whether a short walk in the walk or gym or suryanamaskars. Whatever works. I know it’s really hard for starters, but in the long run the results are amazing.
  8. Fam time: Make sure you give some time to your family.
  9. Drooling over that cute guy? I am sure you you have had breakups and one sided crushes and those long term relationships. If not, it’s not really late to get a taste of it.
  10. Savour these: See more of sunsets and sunrises.
  11. The dots will connect later: Try out new courses and develop new skills.
  12. Volunteer: Work towards making a better society.

Overly enthusiastic about this list. I will just go and get it done before my birthday!

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