Living in Mumbai for so long that I always prefer it over any other city. But it wasn’t until my first job that I got to know this city better and Chowpatty better.

Walking around this lane till Wilson college proved to be my best times before I headed to work. The slow and breezy winds,the less crowded areas and the waffles and pizzas and you-get-every-food-type here areas literally had me eat breakfast every day. (Yeah,I used to sometimes miss it.)

In college days, when someone used to ask us to let’s go hang out at marine drive, we used to be like ‘yeah, It’s far and no, let’s just hang out at nearby less crowded place’. But then,you get what you want. I have lived every amazing morning and evening moment either walking here or seeing the blue hour. And it’s surreal. Some days are so breathtakingly beautiful that the cloud of monotonic routines fades away.

It’s one of many places I can never ever get enough of. Can you?!

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