Foods in the first half of 2018.

I keep having sudden food temptations. Cakes. Brownies. Or maybe pasta. Or even smoothies. And I can never be done with it. So, here’s some of the yummiest things I have had during the first half of 2018.

1) Tea villa Cafe, Ghatkoper.

The burger was so yum and something I still dream about. I loved their crispy patty and the flavors which went along to make it an amazing-worth-remembering burger. Maybe it was a Veg Burger. The other thing I opted were waffles. Belgium ones with amazing chocolate sauce. I still can’t wait to get back here again.

2) Open Kitchen, Ooty.

Hollywood movie posters. Decor. Yum thin crust wood fired Pizzas. Homemade. Reasonably Priced. Sounds scrumptious? Well it was, indeed. This place is truly warm and cosy with .So glad my brother wanted to eat a pizza at that time and we came upon this quaint little gem. We had a paneer pizza and french fries to satiate our hunger but this place should be on the must visit list if you’re in Ooty.

3) Baghdadi, CST.

This needs no introduction at all. But since it was my first experience eating here which happened earlier this year,I cannot stop talking about how awesome it was. Although we had to wait a while since it was packed with people but when the food was served,it was worth the wait. We had order a chicken dish along with and caramel custard. Like so good.

4) Cafe Sea Side, Bandra.

Bombay heat sometimes really exhausts me. But at the same time,I am tempted new places to eat. One such place is Cafe Sea Side near Taj Lands End,Bandra. Do make sure to grab a sea side table to enjoy the view. I preferred pavbhaji to go with chicken crispy.

5) Starbucks.

Always my to go place for when I get paid the end of the month. Though I am more of hot chocolate one at Starbucks, I opted for Hazelnut frappuccino this time which was a perfect blend of nutty flavor.


That’s all for now. Hoping to grab a bite at more places in Mumbai this time!

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