Sometimes you outgrow people–and it’s okay!

The recent pandemic brought many unnoticed things and feelings on the surface. Things you usually shrug off, give in, or even ignore. The journey of studying abroad while managing studies, cooking for yourself, doing things you love but also limiting yourself where necessary was a revelation in itself. I never knew I was the one... Continue Reading →

Foods in the first half of 2018.

I keep having sudden food temptations. Cakes. Brownies. Or maybe pasta. Or even smoothies. And I can never be done with it. So, here's some of the yummiest things I have had during the first half of 2018. 1) Tea villa Cafe, Ghatkoper. The burger was so yum and something I still dream about. I... Continue Reading →

Let’s hang out here, huh?

Living in Mumbai for so long that I always prefer it over any other city. But it wasn't until my first job that I got to know this city better and Chowpatty better. Walking around this lane till Wilson college proved to be my best times before I headed to work. The slow and breezy... Continue Reading →

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