Sometimes you outgrow people–and it’s okay!

The recent pandemic brought many unnoticed things and feelings on the surface. Things you usually shrug off, give in, or even ignore. The journey of studying abroad while managing studies, cooking for yourself, doing things you love but also limiting yourself where necessary was a revelation in itself. I never knew I was the one... Continue Reading →

12 things to do before 22!

I am always the person who wants to do more than I can manage. Duhh! But this time I actually made out a list before I turn 22. Just small achievable things. Figure out a way to make those new year resolutions work: It's about time you do that and it actually saves you from... Continue Reading →

Remembering Today!

Blogs and stuff. I spent half of my day yesterday thinking what to write or searching my passionate subjects,so I can write about them but all in vain. I just ended up watching a movie called ‘Remembering Sunday’ and well welling up some tears. The next morning, while reading some inspirational stuff on Instagram, I... Continue Reading →

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